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Agroecology Project Trainee
The role of the Agroecology Project Trainee is to assist the team to conduct technical assistance and production management to our farmers.

He/She will work in the field together with farmers in order to follow-up with their production as well as training them in agro ecology techniques, organize sharing knowledge and experience meetings, etc. Besides, the Agroecology Project Officer will be actively involved in the development of new projects run by the NGO related to organic vegetables and sustainable development.

Specific tasks in details

1. Technical assistance & production development

    • Participate in the training to the farmers (weekly individual visits & monthly workshops)
    • Weekly provide farmers all the tools to produce: seeds, nets, farming tools,
    • Weekly forecast the production,
    • Weekly participate to the meeting at primary school with the cook and school director for canteen supply,
    • Weekly follow up the farmer’s work (motivation according to social context).
  1. Production analysis & report o Weekly implement the database with the technical & economic data related to farmer’s production
    • Analyse all the data (production and earnings per farmer and for all the farmers, calendar production etc)
    • Provide advices to improve the general operation of the green farming project
  1. Conduct experimentation in vegetable garden
    • In our experimental garden (PSE center) experiment crop association and rotation, different brand or variety of seeds, biopescticides. Process to all the experimentations that would be useful for the farmer’s project and agroecology school.
  1. Assist in farmers empowerment plan o Help the team to build the farmers empowerment plan
    • Help the team to set up a selecting seed program (by doing bibliography & helping operationally)
  1. Conduct administrative tasks o Fill the administrative document to require money to buy equipment/tools for farmers every time that is needed,
    • Manage the budget and the purchase of vegetable at primary school’s canteen in the absence of the managers.
  1. Participate in agroecology school activities o Help for the garden tasks if needed,
    • Help the team to organize workshop for the school students,
    • Support the agroecology school teacher by doing bibliography on different topics,
  1. Conduct prospection researches o Do researches on any subject require by the team for the green farming program,
    • Prospect new opportunities or new partners for the green farming program.


    • Strong technical knowledge in agriculture, agroecology and vegetable gardening (level master 1 or 2)
    • Good human contact,
    • Adaptation capacity
    • Autonomy
    • Capacity for analysis and synthesis
    • Fluent in English and French


    • Location: Siem reap – Cambodia
    • Unpaid internship
    • 6 months : from August 15, 2021 to February 15, 2022 / 35h per week
    • Accommodation by the NGO / Lunch from Monday to Friday

To apply

Please send your CV and a cover letter at [email protected] and [email protected] before the 15th of June 2021.