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Hygiene, health and food : complete care at the Bayon School

Because health is an important factor in the success of education, the Bayon School takes care of the health needs of the students and provides them with a balanced and quality diet every day. We also educate the children, their families and the staff on hygiene and prevention to avoid medical problems as much as possible. In this way, we offer comprehensive care to our beneficiaries.

Significant health progress in Cambodia over the past 30 years, but still far behind its Southeast Asian neighbors

The mortality rate of children under one year of age between 1990 and 2021, thanks in particular to the progress achieved on hygiene and vaccination campaigns financed by major international organizations such as WHO, UNICEF and the GAVI Alliance.

Source : UNICEF, 2021.

of life expectancy at birth gained over the same period, to 70 years in 2021, but it is still below the average for Southeast Asian countries.

Source : UNICEF, 2021.


Of the population is undernourished in Cambodia in 2019, where hunger remains a major problem as in many developing countries.

Source : Global Hunger Index, 2019.


Of the population has no safe access to drinking water in 2017.


Of the population does not use a proper toilet.

Access to water and latrines is not widespread in Cambodia, with the hygiene and health consequences that this involves.

Source : UNICEF, 2020.

Our vision: a healthy child is a student who is more likely to succeed in school

The Hygiene, Health & Nutrition program of the association was established several years ago with the firm conviction that only the maintenance of good health allows students to access knowledge in good conditions.

Each student of the Bayon School (primary, secondary and vocational training) benefits from an annual medical check-up by our medical referents. This visit allows us to follow up on the students and to diagnose any serious pathologies that can be treated by the local health structures. In fact, in Siem Reap, several private non-profit institutions are very efficient and free or at reduced prices, notably Kantha Bopha Hospital, Angkor Hospital for Children, Angkor-JAPAN Friendship International Hospital, Pour les Yeux du Monde and All Ears Cambodia  with which we collaborate. We pay particular attention to the health of our beneficiaries’ teeth and eyes.

At the elementary school, an infirmary provides care for everyday injuries.

In addition to the essential curative aspect, the association focuses on the field of prevention and hygiene to reduce the occurrence of medical problems. Each student of the Bayon School receives a hygiene kit per term (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, detergent, sanitary napkins for teenagers), along with training in general hygiene, oral hygiene and nutrition; the objective is to increase the number of training sessions on these subjects in the future.

Finally, the students have access to two full meals a day at the elementary school canteen, supplied with organic and local vegetables thanks to the vegetable gardens installed by the association within some of the students’ families . We also provide the children with drinking water thanks to a partnership with the NGO 1001fontaines.

Jeune fille avec son kit d'hygiène

Significant improvement in student hygiene, health and nutrition

Since 2014 and the opening of Elodie’s Canteen, and even more since 2017 and the implementation of daily breakfasts, we have observed significant qualitative results on the students’ diet, healthier and more diversified than before, and on their concentration in class. And this always with the objective of improving their academic results.

Nearly 409 students in 2023 have access to an annual medical examination. These exams allow us to identify students with dental problems and to diagnose vision problems.

This year, 118 students were sent to the dentist. After a few years of follow-up, we have observed an improvement in the oral health of the elementary school students and can state that the dental care and oral hygiene education implemented are bearing fruit. After a few years of follow-up, the children have virtually no dental problems.

In 2023, 16 students are treated for eye problems, primary school, follow-up, TVET & university all combined.

The rare serious and complex medical situations among students (2-3 per year) are subject to medical and financial assistance from the association.

Our goal: To support families through prevention and health and hygiene education

The health of students is not limited to the school environment and cannot be separated from that of their families. Moreover, a healthy family is one that is able to work and is therefore more willing to let its children study rather than earn money to support the family. However, the families supported by the Bayon School often live in precarious conditions with poor hygiene and an unbalanced diet, which leads to many pathologies. For all these reasons, the association extends its Hygiene, Health & Food program to families.

The association would like to focus on sustainable actions of prevention and education in health and hygiene to limit the occurrence of medical problems and thus reduce health-related costs in the long term, by relying on the local health network.

Thus, at the beginning of 2020, we carried out a complete diagnosis of 154 families with at least one child enrolled in primary school in order to understand their health problems and identify priority areas for action.

The first actions undertaken by the association are focused on access to drinking water and clean toilets, in partnership with Water for Cambodia. In addition, prevention and awareness-raising workshops are provided and a medical follow-up of families identified as being at risk (chronic pathologies for example) has been instituted.


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