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Education in Cambodia: a primary school in the Angkor temples

With an experience that spans more than three decades, the Bayon School has established itself as an institution dedicated to providing quality education, totally free, to the child population of nearly 200 young people from underprivileged, residing within the magnificent temple complex of Angkor, Cambodia. Immerse yourself in our approach and discover how we strengthen the teaching of our students, as well as the innovative pedagogical axes that we have developed to successfully carry out our noble mission.

Access to quality education for the most disadvantaged

Nearly 155 children are enrolled in our school every year. From kindergarten to grade 6, the equivalent of CM2, all of the students come from very underprivileged families, who could not afford to send their children to public schools where school supplies and meals are not covered.

Since its opening, the Bayon School has constantly improved its teaching methods and its intake capacity.

In 2018, the primary school has been given a makeover by investing in the complete renovation of its infrastructure, with the installation of new classrooms, allowing a clear improvement in the children’s learning conditions.

A comprehensive pedagogical approach

The Bayon School is an associative school recognized by the Cambodian Ministry of Education. It respects the national curriculum with courses in math, Khmer, English, science…

Beyond the “classic” educational program, its mission is to promote the fullest possible development of the children through a pedagogical approach centered on the students and their individual abilities. Thus, 5 half-days per week are devoted to the official Cambodian education program: 

In addition, we offer children tutoring in very small groups, access to a library, and English and computer classes for older children:

  • The pedagogical team puts all its energy into identifying the students with the most difficulties, in order to provide individual guidance and support to each student who needs it.
  • From grade 4 onwards, students benefit from 2 to 3 hours of English per week, giving them an opening to the world as well as easier access to secondary education.
  • The library is accessible every school day during free time. All grades also have one class per week in the library with reading time and fun and educational activities.
  • Computer classes give our students in Grades 4, 5 and 6 the opportunity to discover how a computer works and to learn the basics of office automation.

Education through sport, culture and artistic awakening

At the Bayon School, we are convinced that access to quality education also requires the practice of extra-curricular activities, which are an integral part of the child’s development.

This is why we have integrated various activities within the school curriculum, with 3 hours per week dedicated to physical activity as well as cultural and artistic awakening:

Plastic arts: From painting to drawing, from the discovery of cubism to the creation of decorative objects, this is the ideal time to give freedom to students’ creativity and develop their artistic sensitivity! To consolidate the students’ artistic learning, creative workshops lasting 3 weeks are also organized every year by our volunteer artist Gilles.

Introduction to traditional Khmer arts: the Bayon team puts all its energy into enhancing the symbols of Khmer culture. Apsara dance, a traditional dance in Cambodia, as well as shadow theater also called “Sbek Thom” are taught at the primary school.

Sport: 1h30 per week is dedicated to sports activities. The students participate in the annual championship of Siem Reap. This is an opportunity for children to have fun, to exercise, while developing social values through the practice of sports. Active learning, in which team spirit, solidarity and respect for others are instilled in our students.

Un enfant saute en longueur

Access to education, health, hygiene, nutrition: a complete care for the students

The Bayon School offers a complete and completely free of charge care to all students, which includes

  • Schooling and school materials for the students
  • Uniforms made by the students’ mothers 
  • Quarterly hygiene kits, care management and daily access to the infirmary.

    Focus : Elodie's canteen

    The children we support come from very underprivileged backgrounds and cannot benefit from a balanced diet every day as their meals are mainly composed of rice. These dietary deficiencies generate strong fatigue in the children, a drop in their concentration and can contribute to significant absenteeism.

    Thanks to the support of the association Le rêve d’Elo, the Bayon School created Elodie’s Canteen within the school in 2015. Every day, nearly 500 meals are served to provide all students with a balanced breakfast and lunch.

    Elodie kitchen wall


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