For 7 years now, our school has had the pleasure of welcoming Gilles, a talented artist specializing in creation using recycled materials. Every year, he travels to Siem Reap to propose unique artistic projects to our Pastry School and Primary School students. For three weeks, in collaboration with our teachers, he imagines and realizes artistic installations designed to improve the daily life of our school community.

Two years ago, Nathalie, an artist specializing in driftwood creations, joined this initiative to enrich our joint project.

The previous year, their creativity transformed our café’s environment, adorning its walls with magnificent paintings.

This year, their vision focused on creating a warm reading space for our pastry students, both in their classrooms and in their dormitories. Their project includes building a library and furnishing the space with mats and cushions, inviting relaxation and literary discovery.

As for the Primary School, our director Vanta has come up with an equally inspiring project: a giant KHMER alphabet created from unused tires, offering a playful and innovative approach to language learning.

At the Bayon School, we firmly believe that art and culture are essential elements of education, and we’re proud to see our students flourish through these creative initiatives.

Offering these artistic activities to our students every year allows them to open up to new horizons, to discover their talents and to develop their skills.

We look forward to seeing them again next year !