A week dedicated to the art of pastry with the visit of Chef Fabrice Prochasson!

A week dedicated to the art of pastry with the visit of Chef Fabrice Prochasson!

From December 11 to 18, the Pastry School had the privilege of once again welcoming Chef Fabrice Prochasson, sponsor of the 2023 class of students.

Fabrice Prochasson, Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 1993 and Director of innovation and partnerships at Coup de Pates (www.coupdepates.fr), supports the school each year by training our 20 students and our teaching teams for a week in techniques exceptional in the profession.

This week took place with three major events: the creation of the lemon pistachio flavored Christmas log, the graduation of the students from the Pastry School, and a cocktail at the end of the week entitled “Sweet Celebration: A Culinary Showcase of Macaron Spirit.”

Tang Meanrith and bayon school
orientation event bayon school
pastry school orientation

The lemon pistachio flavored log is a solidarity recipe imagined by Fabrice Prochasson, co-signed with Sokhoeurn Morn, pastry chef at the Pastry School. This week was an opportunity to perfect it with the students in order to offer it for sale for the end of year celebrations at the Coffee Shop. Good news, if you are in France, you will also have the opportunity to taste it, because “Coup de Pates” will also market it.

Tang Meanrith and bayon school
orientation event bayon school
pastry school orientation

In the middle of the week, the 20 students were awarded not one, but two diplomas! The first delivered by Chef Fabrice Prochasson to congratulate the young girls for their professional work and their diligence. The second diploma was awarded by TDSO, an association which trained our students in learning the English language.

Tang Meanrith and bayon school
orientation event bayon school
pastry school orientation

In order to present the work carried out during this week, we organized a cocktail at the end of the week, “Sweet Celebration: A Culinary Showcase of Macaron Spirit”, in the presence of our partners, clients and friends of the Bayon school. Our guests were able to enjoy original macaroon recipes, savory canapes and the famous lemon pistachio log, all in a very pleasant atmosphere in the Coffee Shop garden.

First edition of the Bayon Pastry Short Courses: A success to enjoy!

First edition of the Bayon Pastry Short Courses: A success to enjoy!

Dear Friends and Food Lovers,

It is with great joy that we share with you the delectable and memorable moments of the first edition of the Bayon Pastry Courses.
Throughout the month of June, our school opened its doors wide to welcome eight passionate participants. At the heart of this culinary adventure, succulent fruit pies, exquisite toppings, creamy pastry creams, as well as divinely delicious cookies and cakes, were the stars of six gourmet Saturdays.

Expertly guided by Sokhoeurn, our dedicated pastry school director, and Sreynoeng, our energetic junior instructor, each participant was immersed in the fascinating world of pastry. Our professional laboratory has been transformed into a space of discovery and creativity where each gesture, each mixture and each taste are harmoniously blended.

cours de patisserie cambodge
cours de patisserie bayon
bayon patisserie

However, the success of these courses does not stop at the acquisition of culinary skills. Each registration contributes significantly to the support of training for our students within the pastry school. Thus, each delicacy savored in class becomes a concrete step towards the autonomy and education of our future pastry chefs.

The warm and enthusiastic feedback from our participants is living proof of the impact of this experience. Sopheak, one of the participants, shares her feelings.

The courses opened the doors to an exciting universe for me. Not only did I learn pastry techniques, but I also found a community of enthusiasts. Knowing that our commitment directly supports the students of the pastry school is a source of pride.

The courses opened the doors to an exciting universe for me. Not only did I learn pastry techniques, but I also found a community of enthusiasts. Knowing that our commitment directly supports the students of the pastry school is a source of pride.

The first edition of the Bayon Pastry Courses created a momentum that continues to grow. We express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has contributed to this success, as your support goes beyond the classroom and directly touches the lives and education of our future pastry chefs.

In conclusion, we would like to warmly thank all the participants and pastry lovers who made this first edition unforgettable. We invite you to join our mission, to share the passion for pastry and to invest in the education of future generations.

With infinite gratitude and greedy anticipation of what is to come,

The Bayon Pastry Course team

A look back at the annual meeting of former students: an unbreakable link with the School of Pastry and Agroecology

A look back at the annual meeting of former students: an unbreakable link with the School of Pastry and Agroecology

At the beginning of July, a milestone event brought together former students, a vibrant symbol of the vitality and sustainability of our School of Pastry and Agroecology.

The annual meeting of alumni brought together an impressive participation of more than a hundred graduates from the eight previous promotions. For many of them, this gathering involved a trip from Phnom Penh, testifying to the continued commitment and the unbreakable bond that our alumni have with our institution.

The days of the meeting were punctuated by a variety of stimulating activities, from team-building sessions to convivial games, through the sharing of moving testimonies and moments of conviviality.

This event offered a privileged opportunity for our former students to dialogue with the current promotion, to reconnect with their teachers and to rediscover the warm atmosphere of the school which trained them.

annual meeting bayon school
team building bayon school
alumnis annual meeting bayon school

As part of this exceptional meeting, we conducted interviews with 102 graduates of the École de Pâtisserie, covering the period from 2014 to the present day. The results of these interviews are instructive. Indeed, 62% of graduates continue to work in their initial field of training, and a comfortable majority of 86% receive a sufficient salary to cover their daily needs.

These figures underline the effectiveness of our educational program and the relevance of the training provided. Moreover, the positive feeling of former students is reflected in the statistics, with 79% of them expressing their satisfaction with their training. Even more remarkable, 62% have moved into professional positions that truly fulfill them personally and professionally.

This annual meeting demonstrated that our school continues to inspire, guide and contribute significantly to the professional growth of our graduates. We are proud of our alumni community and look forward to continuing to share their exemplary journey with future generations.

Art worshops in Bayon schools!

Art worshops in Bayon schools!

We had the great pleasure to welcome Gilles in March, along with his friend Nathalie, for art and creation workshops in our primary school and pastry and bakery school.

Gilles, a young retiree, is passionate about art, especially wood and metal sculpture. As he says so well, “I hurt the metal so that it lives”. Gilles and Nathalie have worked with our students on several art projects.

First of all, at the primary school, the wall of Elodie’s canteen was decorated with fruits and vegetables as well as numbers in Khmer and English. This project was discussed with Vantha, the school director, who wanted to enrich the wall with educational and pedagogical elements. The students can now practice both languages. This project was carried out with students from Grade 1 to 6.

A mural with a natural decor was also created with the help of the school’s pedagogical team who were inspired by the nature present in Cambodia and around the school such as geckos, a beehive, birds, flowers…

The playground of our students was also redesigned, two new structures were created from rubber tires. The students dug the ground to be able to attach the tires in order to create a course as well as 2 racing cars. They then painted these new cars in the colors of Cambodia!

In addition, in the pastry and bakery school art projects took place around the use of wood. The students worked on what pastry and bakery represented for them. Then, they drew their representations on wooden logs and made engravings using a pyrography machine. Afterwards, these creations were assembled to create a composition in the garden of our Coffee Shop.

The students let their creativity run wild and painted our pond with a “nature” theme. They had fun painting water lilies, flowers, fish and turtles.

In a perspective of renovation and improvement of our visibility, the wall that borders the street leading to our Coffee Shop needed a good refreshment. To do so, the students and the pedagogical team of the pastry and bakery school cleaned the wall and then repainted it in the school’s colors! We decided to add a little fantasy by illustrating some of the pastries and drinks offered on the menu of our Coffee Shop.

Art workshop pastry students

For Gilles, sharing with students is always an unforgettable moment. As Charlie Chaplin said, “Children have talent, it’s just a matter of showing it”. These workshops have allowed our students to express their creativity and talents. They are now proud to see their creations displayed in their respective schools. Bayon School aspires to further develop these extra-curricular activities with the aim of stimulating curiosity and developing their ability to imagine and interact.

Once again, we would like to thank Gilles and Nathalie for their time, support and investment at our side. We look forward to seeing you next year for new projects!

A Meilleur Ouvrier de France at the Bayon pastry school

A Meilleur Ouvrier de France at the Bayon pastry school

During the month of December, we were once again lucky enough to welcome Fabrice Prochasson, Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 1996, for a week at our pastry school.

Prochasson et équipe Bayon

In 1982, encouraged by his mother, Fabrice Prochasson discovered the world of gastronomy, which he never left. He first worked at Lenôtre as head of Research and Development from 1999 to 2002. He realized several prestigious events such as the inauguration the tunnel under the Manche in 1992, the 1998 and 2006 soccer world cups and the 2000, 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games.    

In 1996, he became Meilleur Ouvrier de France in the cooking category and was the official coach of the French winner of the Bocuse d’Or in 2013, Thibaut Ruggeri.

In 2016, he joined the Aryzta Group as creative and innovation manager for the group’s brands including Coup de pates®. For more than 50 years, Coup de pates® has been serving the entire catering industry with finished and semi-finished frozen products, combining innovation and tradition. Coup de pates and Chef Fabrice Prochasson have supported the Bayon Pastry School since 2018.

Last December, the chef came to visit us for a week to cook with our students. This is not Mr. Prochasson’s first time to help the Bayon. Indeed, he already came once to Siem Reap in March 2019 to delight us during the Charity Gala.

Throughout the week, our students had the chance to cook with him to prepare the event “The Bayon Gathering Night”. The goal of this evening was to bring together again friends of the Bayon in Cambodia. For this occasion, we prepared a buffet worthy of the name. Foccacia, shrimp skewers, tempura, leek quiche, coffee marinated salmon, macarons, millefeuilles… our guests enjoyed the food, and our students had a great time cooking with the chef.

Invités et buffet - Bayon Gathering Night
Etudiante en préparation - Bayon Gathering Night
Buffet - Bayon Gathering Night

We are especially proud to have been able to bring all these beautiful people together in this lovely place called Endora. And we are proud of our students and colleagues for the delicious food. We thank them for their commitment and motivation throughout the week. To congratulate them, we also organized a graduation ceremony in the presence of the chef so that the students will keep a very good memory of this week.

We also thank Chef Fabrice Prochasson for his kindness, his sharing of knowledge and his benevolence with our students.

Our projects do not stop there, we have great prospects for the year 2023 with Coup de pates and the Chef Fabrice Prochasson whom we thank greatly for their support.

Culinary immersion in France: between discovery and training

Culinary immersion in France: between discovery and training

From November 6 to 16, Sokly, pastry teacher, and Chomrong, English teacher at the Bayon pastry school, had the opportunity to spend a few days in Paris.

This trip organized by Apprentis d’Auteuil and bringing together the different members of the ASSET – H&C program allowed them to follow a training course on pedagogy.

After a long flight, Sokly and Chomrong finally landed in Paris and took the train to Château des Vaux, in Eure-et-Loir, where a week of classes and workshops of all kinds awaited them.

During these few days of training, our teachers were able to attend different classes with the students trained at Apprentis d’Auteuil. In particular, they were able to participate in different cooking classes focused on the themes of “catering”, “pastry” and “bakery” where they learned to cook a blanquette de veau, a Parisian flan, baguettes and many others. These cooking classes also allowed our pastry teacher, Sokly, to discover many new equipment and ingredients. These discoveries can be a source of renewal in our kitchen in Cambodia.

After these few days of training, our teachers returned to Paris for the end of their stay. They enjoyed a boat ride on the Seine, a visit to the Eiffel Tower and a delicious French meal with the members of the Bayon Association present in France.

Atelier avec Chomrong
Sokly, Chomrong, Dubrule team à la Tour Eiffel
Sokly en cuisine

What did you learn during this week of training?

We learned and discovered many new things such as teaching styles and patterns, new recipes, new equipment and ingredients, how to work and communicate with your team in the kitchen.

What we learned most from this pedagogical training was the importance of soft skills. We teach young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. It is therefore essential for us to teach them adaptability, communication and teamwork within the professional sphere so that their integration into their future teams goes well. Apprentis d’Auteuil was able to give us the keys to approach these different subjects with the students.

What surprised you the most?

First of all, we were overwhelmed by the beauty of the place. The Château des Vaux is a wonderful place, full of history. We were also impressed by the know-how of the chefs, their professionalism and their warm and friendly welcome in their kitchens. Moreover, the modernity of the kitchens and the equipment gave us a lot of ideas to rethink the layout of our kitchen in Cambodia.

In general, we were also surprised by the road traffic in France and its organization. We will remember that in France, we walk much more than in Cambodia!

What is different about our school?

At Apprentis d’Auteuil, students follow a minimum 2-year training program, whereas at Bayon, the training lasts only 1 year. There are many more students and teachers and the facilities are also more modern and diverse than at our school. Finally, students who wish to follow a training program at Apprentis d’Auteuil have to pay tuition fees that vary according to their family’s standard of living.

After these few days of training, what changes would you like to make to your program?

After attending these different courses and visiting such beautiful kitchens, we would like to add lessons on the different tools and technologies used in the kitchen so that our students have a broader knowledge of the different appliances used. As a pastry teacher, I would also like to expand the learning of French recipes so that the students have a greater knowledge of French cuisine and also expand the Coffee Shop menu with more varied dishes.

It would also be interesting to have exchanges between students and teachers of the two training courses to better understand the culture of the other country, the history of pastry, the know-how and the way of teaching.

What would you like to say to Apprentis D’Auteuil?

We would like to thank Apprentis d’Auteuil for organizing this exchange program with ASSET H&C members. This trip gave us the opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge in the field of pedagogy and we are determined to apply it to our students in the future. We would also like to thank Pauline, Jeanne, Nicolas and all the teachers and staff of the school for their warm welcome in their training center.