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Secondary education in Cambodia: an opportunity for underprivileged youth to access employment and overcome poverty

To ensure that students can continue their education after the primary school, the Bayon School supports nearly 133 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds each year in their secondary education. Social support, coaching and career guidance are the key elements for success in facilitating access to the world of work.

Giving them a chance to access quality education also means helping them build a better future and overcome poverty.

From primary school to university: a long way to go

At Bayon School, we advocate access to quality education for all.

Following on from our actions, in 2007 the Bayon School launched a social and financial support program for all students supported in primary school.

Since the NGO does not have the necessary infrastructure to provide its students with the opportunity to continue their schooling and does not wish to replace the existing public system, the Bayon School has implemented all the necessary actions to make it possible for all students who wish to do so to continue their secondary education in the public middle and high schools in Siem Reap province.

Thanks to regular monitoring, as well as the financial support necessary to meet their needs, we enable nearly 105 young people each year to continue their secondary education.

In 2023, we are also supporting 25 young students through the awarding of a university scholarship, which represents an essential financial support for the continuation of their studies and the search for a qualified job.

Social and financial support to get out of poverty

Access to education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty for families. Social and financial support are therefore essential steps to achieve our mission.

All students supported in their secondary education benefit from a monthly follow-up of their academic results, a personalized and adapted assistance according to the difficulties encountered.

Each year, the Bayon social team visits all the families supported in order to follow the evolution of their living conditions, determine their urgent needs and provide additional help if necessary. 

In Cambodia, the school dropout rate is high, which can be explained in part by the fact that school generates significant costs for families from the most disadvantaged backgrounds. As a result, many students decide to end their studies in order to help their families provide for their needs.

To address this issue, we support each family by granting a monthly allowance (determined according to their standard of living) to encourage children to pursue their studies, without it becoming a hindrance to the families.

Professional orientation: an essential step in finding one’s way

Beyond our educational mission, we are convinced that our efforts must also focus on professional orientation, an essential step in seeking one’s path and finding a job suitable for all students.

To this end, we organize regular meetings with Khmer professionals who have inspiring careers, in order to stimulate their curiosity and open up the field of possibilities in terms of vocational training. Every year, we also set up a career forum in partnership with other local associations. This major event brings together our students and those of our partners and allows us to present all the free vocational training courses available to all.

Social support, health, hygiene:

A complete care for students

The Bayon School offers a complete and completely free service to all of our students which includes :

  • School material and two uniforms per year
  • A bike for all students entering grade 7
  • A monthly allowance to help them meet their needs.
  • Regular social support and follow-up of their professional project
  • A quarterly hygiene kit and care management 


I started studying at the Ecole du Bayon primary school in 2005. After continuing my education at the middle school and high school closest to my home, the Bayon School allowed me to continue my studies through university. And to help my family provide for themselves, I teach English classes in the village of Kouk Beng.

Currently in my final year of a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism at Siem Reap University USEA, I dream one day of opening my own travel agency!


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