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Innovate to provide better education and allow young people to get out of poverty

The Bayon School funds the education of more than 330 extremely vulnerable children living within the Angkor temples. It innovates to provide training solutions for young people and give them rapid access to the job market.

A Franco-Khmer project

Our project has been Franco-Khmer since its beginning, with a strong desire for “openness to others” and international solidarity. Today, the activities are carried out in Siem Reap by an association under Cambodian law, Bayon Education and Development, which is autonomous in its operations and which makes the best use of local teams with the aim of empowering them. The staff is made up of more than thirty Cambodians who work daily on the association’s projects and around ten volunteers or trainees who support them in certain specific tasks (communication, donor follow-up, agronomic expertise, medical care, etc.).

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The objective: to provide access to quality education

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In view of the country’s context, the challenge cannot be purely quantitative. Our aim is to “do better”, to strengthen the quality of teaching, to move towards a qualitative approach based on positive teaching methods that develop children’s initiative and creativity. In this way, we wish to become a reference NGO on the theme of education, with an approach focused on the needs of children.

This model of a flexible experimental laboratory, based on partnerships “with others”, allows us to act quickly and to illustrate on a small scale that other approaches are possible. In the long term, we hope to inspire other public or associative stakeholders who will in turn be able to spread the word and contribute together to the development of an adapted pedagogy.

Our mission

In practical terms, the vocation of our NGO concerns the learning of children and students, but also the quality of their family environment.

This objective aims to :

  • Give access to quality education to young Cambodians in a socially precarious situation in the Angkor temple zone. From the earliest age in our primary school, or through financial and pedagogical support in secondary school. Our purpose is to accompany them in the long term towards the profession they have chosen. In this regard, we can support them in university training or guide them towards vocational training that we provide or that is provided by other partner organizations.
  • To offer practical and technical vocational training that allows an opening to the labour market and thus to generate an income for the student, who will then be able to help his or her family.
  • To ensure the good health and hygiene of children and to support families in difficulty due to illness.
  • To promote respect for the environment and sustainable agriculture by providing balanced and healthy food for school children.
  • To encourage the development of income-generating activities for families.