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Empowerment through a local Cambodian NGO

To implement its activities and projects as effectively as possible, the Bayon School has created an NGO under Cambodian law: Bayon Education and Development.

A local association

Bayon Education and Development was created in 2015 with the aim of empowering the activities carried out locally by the Bayon School. This Cambodian association is strategically and financially supported by the French association named “SEP du Bayon”. The sources of funding are intended to develop in Cambodia and more broadly in Asia, as they are an essential step towards the autonomy of our project.

BED falls under Cambodian law and is registered under the reference B116-901907707 with the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training.

Its objective:

to empower and sustain local actions

The creation of a Cambodian association makes it possible to rely on a local office that has a good knowledge of the Cambodian environment and culture. Many operational decisions are taken directly in Cambodia and this allows autonomy and speed in decision making.

Its means:

ensuring financial independence

The association strives to develop local sources of income in order to ensure its financial autonomy:

  • Budget self-financed up to 25% thanks to the Coffee Shop’s income.
  • Development of local sources of income (sale of pepper, jam, books…).
  • Development of funding sources in Asia: Singapore branch, Hong Kong branch, partners in Japan.
  • Partnership with travel agencies in Siem Reap to promote our actions and develop local donation.

Its governance:

an office and a local board of directors

The Bayon Education and Development Association is managed locally by members who make up the Cambodian office. They meet twice a year to validate the structure’s accounts and activities. The board of directors is composed of a president of Khmer nationality in charge of leading the strategic line alongside the management in place. At the side of this president: a vice-president, a treasurer and several Cambodian administrators but also French people with a good knowledge of the local environment.