Maelys: What did you learn during your training at Bayon School?

Sothoan: My training has been very helpful! I learnt English, computing, baking and put my skills into practice in the Pastry Lab and during my internships. My experiences at Park Hyatt and at the Heritage Hotel allowed me to acquire a certain discipline and expand my skills in pastry and bakery.
At the Bayon School, the teachers taught me an expertise and good manners, which allowed me to become an independent woman!Maelys: Did you like your daily life with other students?
Sothoan: Yes I liked it a lot, it was a bit like a second family. We slept in the same room and had our meals together. We always had lots of activities, like playing football or reading books. I learned a trade and simultaneously created a second family.
Maelys: Today, are you still friends with the people you met at Bayon?
Sothoan: I made lots of friends, at least 16! Can you imagine?
I see them all the time, we go shopping together, we walk to Angkor Wat, and from time to time we visit Sokhoeurn our former head pastry chef at the Bayon School.Maelys: How did you find a job after your training?
Sothoan: The Bayon team helped me during my research. Thanks to my level of English and my experience, I found a job easily at Bang Bang Bakery. Now I live by my passion, and I’m proud of it!Maelys: What are your responsibilities and schedules at Bang Bang Bakery?
Sothoan: I’m a baker and pastry cook, but when there are customers I turn into a waitress. Here, I have to be multi-skilled!
I start at 7am and finish at 3pm. I have busy days.
Maelys: What are your parents’ jobs?
Sothoan: My mother is a farmer, my father died 11 years ago. Before, he worked in Thailand to support the family.

Maelys: What does your family think about your work?
Sothoan: My mother is very proud! Thanks to my professional success, I help my family to live.

Maelys: What is your salary?
Sothoan: When I started one year ago I earned $160, and today thanks to my professionalism I earn $200 per month.

Maelys: What would be your dream job?
Sothoan: I would like to become a baking teacher to share my knowledge. In my opinion, this is the best job I can do.
And in succession, I would like to create my own bakery! It’s my biggest dream! But before that I have to save money and gain more experience.