Sokly is 34 years old and mother of 2 children. She joined the team in February 2017.
Before, she was a cook in a Khmer restaurant that she had opened herself. Even if it was small, she always loved cooking and took a great deal of pleasure from preparing traditional Cambodian dishes for her customers.

After advice from a friend, she decided to try the entry contest to get into the prestigious École d’Hôtellerie et de Tourisme Paul Dubrule. She completed it successfully and followed the pastry training.
After graduating from Paul Dubrule in 2016, she also enrolled in a cake decoration training in Sihanoukville as well as with the Vietnamese company Cream to complete her skill set.
She was then recruited by Brown Coffee, a Coffee shop Cambodia chain famous throughout the country. She worked 7 months in one of their cafés and met a few students who were there for their internship for a school that was growing in popularity: Bayon Pastry School.
Her old pastry teacher at Paul Dubrule vividly recommended her to Sokhoeurn, our pastry school director. What was the essential quality that convinced Sokhoeurn? Her skills in the preparation of vienoisseries and breads.

Bayon School was an opportunity for her to exceed her expectations. She now teaches all the classes linked to pastry, practical and theoretical. She is very happy to be able to share her knowledge with her students who are very curious, attentive and diligent. Day after d ay, she tries to make her classes more interactive by creating a variety of activities and workshops. To successfully lead this project, she does not hesitate to ask for help from ex-teachers and her friends.
The main objective for her is that the students enjoy their training and have the platform to showcase their creativity. She is also committed to the importance of post-training recruitment for the students. It is very important for the students to find a stimulating position, that they enjoy and have a salary which permits them to live and to help their families.
Sometimes she feels like a second mother for the students who decided to study pastry far away from their homes. She listens to them, helps them and is always available. `
Like every year, the end of the year is particularly difficult for her as she has to say goodbye to the students that she guided and supported all year. Unfortunately, the transition with the following promotion of students is rarely very long.

The new academic year started at the start of September and Sokly already has many ideas of games to teach pastry in ludic way and in order to share a maximum of knowledge in the simplest fashion.
Well done Sokly and thank you for your investment!